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Why do things rust, disintegrate, deteriorate, slow to heal, regenerate, or better known as aging?

Oxidation plays a major role in aging. Although oxygen is essential for life, it can also have a detrimental effect if not balanced with proper nutrition. The oxygen molecule and other oxidizing substances in the body can extract single electrons from the large molecules that make up cell membranes (cell walls), thus causing them to become very reactive (destructive). Moreover, these activated molecules can react with each other to change the properties of the cell membranes. If enough of these changes accumulates, the body’s immune system comes to view the changed cell as “foreign” and destroys it (formation of disease, click here).

To safely increase the oxygen content in the tissues, body, etc., is not by adding Hydrogen peroxide (highly oxidative forming free radicals) or ozone internally, but increasing the natural alkalinity of the body by removing the excess hydrogen (protons), also destroying free radicals by molecules having hydrogen acceptors.

Cell Turnover

There are approximately 200 variations of cells in the human body. We posses somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 trillion cells! Most cells have a predetermined life span, after which they are replaced by new cells. The longest life span of regularly dividing cells in the human body are bone cells, which enjoy a relatively long life of 7 years before their demise. Some cells turn over more rapidly than others, but in general, we may lose billions of cells each day.

These are then replaced by new cells. The news cells can only form from the current nutritional state of our bodies. The continual digestion of this dead tissue and the ongoing recycling of usable parts not to mention the creation of new cells are actions that go on regardless of what we are doing at any given moment. It’s a cycle that persists throughout our lives. Furthermore, the body must maintain homeostasis (internal equilibrium) throughout the process of cellular replacement. This means that the sum total of all the cells composing our bodies must be kept at status quo at all times. A higher than normal cell count may indicate a growth, such as a tumor and a lower than normal count may indicate some type of wasting disease. Nevertheless, under normal circumstances, the body is a constantly changing organism. Old cells die, new cells are born.

Katie's Knee Recovery

Katie suffered a serious knee injury her junior year in High School by tearing her meniscus (knee cartilage) while running. Katie and her parents did not have any insurance to help with physical therapy or surgery to rehabilitate her knee. Furthermore, her doctors gave little chance of her running, let alone walking normally again, without surgery.

I met Katie and after hearing her story, I qualified her for free care and treatment through my non-profit center for such situations. After a month and a half with little improvement with ultrasound and hydro-thermal therapies, I used a new formula for transdermal mineral therapy. Within two weeks Katie’s ability to run and walk normally shocked us both. The joy on her face said it all. Today, Katie’s knee and cartilage has fully recovered from a devastating knee cartilage tear from 5 years ago.

For more joint recovery options, check out our Redox, Rapha, and Panacea formulations.

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