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How to Make Natural Mineralized pH Water!

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Does One need to spend Thousands of Dollars on expensive Alkaline Machines?


Simply learn how to take your tap water, distill it, re-minerized it, and use Magnesium Oxide to help naturally raise, clean, break up the hydrogen bonded clusters. Raising the pH to aprox 8, helping lower the ORP to a negative 100-200 allowing the water to properly hydrate the human system for pennies.

Magnesium Oxide beads (1 (90) gram bag) can help 1 gallon of water break up the hydrogen clusters to make it more permeable to the cells. Water pH can vary with research suggesting Magnesium Oxide can last many years with proper care (do not allow to be exposed to air as mold can build). Our studies suggest our Mag Ox lasting over 3 years. If ones container is 3 gallons we suggest 3 bags. Keep 1/3 left then add more distilled water to keep the Magnesium bags effective.

Taking an extract from Quality Hymialian (Deep Sea Minerals) salt (Sole water) One can add as little as 6 drops per gallon upto a suggested 12 drops. Potassium Iodide suggesting as little as 6 drop upto as well as 12 drops. Through our own research oositive results of human and animal health are being reported. Please do not exceed the recommendations. More is not better, Consistancy of drinking this water with the Deep Sea minerals and Potassium Iodide have shown great results.

Make your own natural water safely at home Learn How

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