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Acerola Cherry

Acerola is one of the highest rated in Vitamin C. Also is an excellent source of vitamin A, (as carotene with 1,017 IU per 100 grams of fruit) if grown to proper standards. As there are a number of antioxidants in acerola, it is a valuable fruit to add to our diet to help deal with free radicals, toxins, and stresses; repair of wounds, scar tissue, fractures and pain relief. The fruit contains B vitamins in the form of thiamin, riboflavin and niacin; and it is also a good source of iron, calcium, phosphorous and potassium. Acerola is also renowned for its synergistic bioflavonoids rutin and hesperidin, and helpful in repairing collagen, and delaying skin aging

The Carrier for the Non-GMO Acerola Cherry is the Yuca root, (Manioc) which is far superior natural food carrier with many health benefits. Wild Harvested Organic – imported from Brazil. Cassava root has been promoted as a treatment for bladder and prostate cancer. The roots are rich in calcium and vitamin C and contain a nutritionally significant quantity of thiamine, riboflavin and nicotinic acid.

How to Understand or interpret any Acerola Cherry Labels; Want to know how much Acerola Cherry and Vitamin C content you are receiving (or how much a drying agent is used?). The answer is in the Math.

Take this example of a Acerola label found in the market. Note: the product states the other product is Maltodextrin (however), it's not in the supplemental facts (had to find it in the small print on the product label, typical). The question is, how much Acerola Cherry and Maltodextrin is in the product?

Terms to know: 1 gram is 1000 mg. 3 teaspoons equal 1 tablespoon. Do not follow RDA recommendations for they are confusing and used as a false selling point. Quality Acerola Cherry averages 17% natural Vitamin C content. (Ex: 1 gram or 1000 mg of Acerola Cherry Extract would have 170 mg of natural Vitamin C per gram) –> 1000 mg * .17 (17%) = 170 mg of food grade vitamin c per 1 gram of Acerola Cherry.

Ok, back to the label above. The product is stating for 1.5 teaspoon (1/2 a tablespoon) is 5.4 grams or 5400 mg. For every 1 gram is 1000 mg. Out of that, 302 mg (according to the label above) is the percentage of food grade vitamin C in their product. (That number is the Key) meaning, out of every 5.4 grams or 5400 mg is 302 mg of natural occurring vitamin C content.

Ok, divide 302 mg into 5400 grams. 302/5400 = 0.05593%. Move the decimal point two places to the right – (equal 5.59%) here we have our percentage of vitamin C content in their product. (Remember we need 17%). Most quality Acerola cherry again has a natural occurring 17% vitamin C per gram (The product above is only 5.6% Acerola Cherry) to volume compared to the drying agent of Maltodextrin (GMO Corn). Meaning, To have a quality Acerola Cherry, take the original grams of 5400 mg “times” .17(%) to equal 918 mg (should have). The product states 302 mg or approx. 1/3. In other words 2/3 is something else. The only product noted as other ingredients was the maltodextrin (approx 66%). Maltodextrin (Corn) is used as a drying agent and food carrier. Sadly, this product is 66% corn product with 33% Acerola cherry. (This is very common on the market)

Food for thought: Today, over 95% of corn (Maltodexrin) is GMO – since the company did not state that the maltodextrin used is from a Non-GMO status. We need to assume the product is GMO

This is why they use the RDA numbers, stating (Your getting 503% of your daily Vitamin C). Understand, they have to sell their bag of corn by some ridiculously manipulated high number. Because someone understood, most people do not understand the percentage of math to determine quality or quantity. (They play on our ignorance) This product is a very expensive GMO Corn product.

Acerola Cherry Benefits

Most vitamin C and multivitamin supplements contain ascorbic acid or ascorbate, which is the outer ring that surrounds the real vitamin C complex. Real vitamin C is a complex of several different factors, all of which must work together to keep your teeth and gums healthy, prevent hair loss, and prevent premature aging and disease.

65 Times the Vitamin C as an Orange

The Acerola cherry is one of the best sources of Vitamin C available in natural form. Just one cherry has 65 times the Vitamin C content of an orange and meets the body’s daily requirement for this essential nutrient. Studies have shown that an adequate to high intake of Vitamin C can ward off colds and flues, rejuvenate the body’s tissue and collagen, and prevent the mutation of cells (Cancer). Premium Acerola Powder is one of the most potent sources Vitamin C available in food form, and with just one serving a day you will be on the road to optimal health! Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant in the body, protecting against free radicals that destroy healthy cells and cause abnormal production of diseased cells.

Premium Acerola Power contains a powerful composition of carotenoids and flavonoids that work to build a strong defense against internal and environmental stressors, which weaken the body’s ability to remain in balanced and optimal health. The Vitamin C found in our Premium Acerola Power helps the body to produce anti-stress hormones that bring it back to a state of homeostasis. Researchers are finding that Vitamin C has positive effects all of the body’s systems, preventing hair loss, improving dental health, and healing wounds and burns.

Nutrient-Rich and Full of Antioxidant Power

Acerola Cherry Powder is rich in many vitamins and minerals that work together to create allover wellbeing. Acerola cherries contain high amounts of Vitamin A, which promotes good eye health and also neutralizes free radicals in the body. The large amounts of potassium found in our Premium Acerola Powder help to regulate blood pressure, balance mood, and maintain healthy heart function.Pregnant women know the importance of getting a proper supply of Folate, a nutrient that aids in the development of the fetus and helps to prevent birth defects. Our Premium Acerola Power is a great source of Folic Acid, which assists in healthy cell growth and works to prevent heart disease.

Fight Inflammation, Disease, and Infections

Medical professionals at Michigan State University say the anthocyanins found in Acerola cherries are beneficial for reducing pain in the head and body. Acerola Cherry Powder acts as an anti-inflammatory, reducing swelling throughout in the body’s systems. Acerola cherries have also been effective in treating sore throats, fever, constipation, scurvy, and diarrhea.This bright red fruit, which looks very similar to a regular cherry, has been used in ancient medicine to relieve headaches combat dysentery, fight infections, and cure liver problems. The Acerola cherry is native to the West Indies, where it is known as the Barbados cherry. It is also cultivated in Central and Latin America, and its juice is as common in Brazil as orange juice is in the U.S.

Possible Benefits of Premium Acerola Cherry Powder:

Enhancing the immune system

Helps to prevent colds and infections

Helps in preventing hair loss

Protects against dental problems

Promotes health and vitality

Helps fight chronic fatigue

Prevents excessive bleeding and bruising

Helps protect your skin and organs against premature aging

Helps the growth and repair of tissue

Aids in the production of anti-stress hormones

May help your body fight cancer

Protects against infection

Increases the absorption of iron

Helps normalize cholesterol levels

Regulates blood pressure

May be beneficial in preventing atherosclerosis

Helps relieve sore throats, fever, constipation, scurvy, diarrhea and liver disorders

Aids in collagen formation

Protects against blood clotting and bruising

Promotes the healing of wounds and burns

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