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Where Do I Start?

We find that people are excited to learn about the lipo-spheric technology and how it can deliver virtually 100% food grade nutrition to the body. The question that is raised the most is where do I start?

Well, If you don't know what the process is and how it works, you should start there.

But if somebody is already familiar with it and is ready to get started feeling great again,we always tell them Combo 1.

Combo 1 is the Non-Gmo Acerola Cherry extract powder and the Non-Gmo Sunflower lecithin. This is the basic lipo-spheric protocol. Don't be fooled by the word basic though! This combo packs a powerful punch. It delivers high dose vitamin C and Vitamin A to where the body needs it.

You will also need a blender to get started. Preferably one with a low speed setting

You will need an Ultrasonic device as well. You can pick one up at your local Harbor Freight but we recommend the following Kendal models:

Small Device

Midsize Device.

You may be tempted to look elsewhere to purchase Vitamin C or Sunflower but make sure you make an informed decision! You should check out our videos on Vitamin C vs Ascorbic Acid, Acerola Cherry & Sunflower Lecithin.

You will find more information on other Lipo-Spheric protocols such as Lipo-B, Lipo-Glutathione, and Lipo-Stem C under the category title Liposomal Protocols to the left.

Definitely check out our DiseaseProtocols as well. Stay tuned, as we will be adding a Diabetes protocol and a Multiple Sclerosis protocol as well.

We also included on this site a number of Natural Therapies that have helped people on the path to recovery.

For all other topic on general health and further research, we have included on this site a Research Center and a Recommended Links Page.

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