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Mercury Detox Kit

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Basic Kit Contents:

(Includes) Combo 1GO (Organic Cherry Liposomal Glutathione – Vitamin C) Kit (Added DIM), Liver – Colon Detox Protocol kit (Liver forgiver tea, Aloe Ferox (100 cps) Blood Purifier tincture, Edible Earth (Blend of: Charcoal, Bentinte Clay, Diatomaceous Earth), Vitamin D3 – 8oz, Selenium (30 cps), Potassium Iodide – 2oz.

DIM is a powerful modulator of the immune response system (Critical in strengthening Heavy Metal removal) , according to the DIM Resource Center, affiliated with the University of California at Berkeley. DIM shows potential as a therapy for viral infections, including the humanpapilloma virus, known as HPV; the human immunodeficiency virus, known as HIV; hepatitis and influenza. It also may be helpful against bacterial infections, antibiotic-resistant bacteria and skin disorders such as acne.

Advanced Mercury Kit:

(Includes the same as above) Added: Liver Herbal Care (Dandelion root, Milk Thistle seed, Plantain leaf, Astragulus root, Hyssop with St. Johns Wort (½) lb, Probotic 10 Strain – 25 Billion (50 cps), Fulvic acid Concentrate 2oz, Advanced Herbal Glutathione Kit (as found in the Combo 5(A).

** Herbal Lipo-G Mercury Protocol (capsules & liquid – taken with food) Support. This protocol is mandatory if the intent is to use the Lipososomal Glutathione for more than one month or wish to have the best support possible. (100 cps 00 size) Capsules Includes proprietary blend of: IP6, Inositol, ALA, Organic Grape Seed Extract, and Pantothenic Acid. (2oz) Liquid blend of natural forming Vitamin D3, CoQ10, with B-12.

Suggested Use:

Start with the Liver, Colon Detox plan for the first week before starting the Mercury Detox protocol (then work within for the last 3 weeks). Then start with the Combo 1G and supplementation

Basic Kit

Take 2oz shots of the Combo 1G 2-3 times, 30 minutes apart on an empty stomach

Take 1 capsule of the Selenium per day on an empty stomach (take between 2oz shots of the Combo 1G (15 minutes between the 30 minutes)

Take one full dropper of the Vitamin D3 (or as much as it can hold) under the tongue 3x per day. Start after the last shot of the Combo 1G.

Place the Potassium Iodide liquid on the balls of the feet, wrist, over liver, thyroid, behind the ears throughout the day 1x.


Place 2 full tablespoons of the Liver Mercury Care Herbal tea into 24oz of water, boil, steep and drink. Make 2x per day until complete. Reminder, the liver detox has its detail tea. Work both throughout the day. Very important (or make one of each)

Place 6 drops of the Fulvic Concentrate with drinking water, 3x per day.

Take the 2 Probotics, 2x per day.


Avoid all processed sugar (some fruit is ok) and milk, Red meat and Seafood, limit all processed foods and most grains, especially wheat

Drink plenty of Distilled water – for its ability to remove inorganic metals. Juice wheatgrass if possible, lemons.

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