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What is the root cause of disease? Check out the research paper I did for Western State Colorado University.

Lecture on "What is Disease", at Western State Colorado University.

Testimonial of Skin Cancer healing within 1 week from our Panaca Formulation

I ordered and bought your Panacea about a week ago and have been using it as directed but also have applied it to what I believe was the start of skin cancer on my right top forearm. I don't have any earlier photos but it has shrunk and not as itchy. I can tell it is trying to scab over the top lightly. Attached are a couple photos and will keep you posted on the progress. I'm also doing the Liposomal C and taking the Mineral Soda and Probiotics daily. Thank you for being a source for good health and I praise God for you and His mighty work through you.


I want to take another one so you can see a difference as it has shrunk some more. I also used some on a dry red patch just above my lip where I shave as it would turn red and crusty, well, it has almost disappeared totally after just a week. I'll send another picture soon. Thank you

Hello again Troy,

Attached are the two new photos of that skin cancer that has finally subsided and is just a red mark after using your Panacea formula. I'm grateful to the Lord for providing the ingredients and I thank you for your time and efforts to care for others and provide healthy nutrition. God bless.