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Live Blood (Dark Field Microscopy) Analysis

View your blood in its live environment under a Powerful Darkfield Microscope - $65

"Educational purposes only"


Initial Consultation – (Naturopathic Counseling only)

Health Evaluation, pH review $65
Testing digestive pH both Saliva and Urine is critical for any nutritional plan to be suggested. pH can suggest what and how to proceed to help any asking for direction.

Joint, Cartilage Stimulation

Joint Inflammation, Muscle Injuries, Inflammation, Carpel Tunnel, Hip, Knee, elbows, etc., or Sore Joint Therapy, $60

Transdermal Infarred or water - Hot/Cold thermal - Proprietary blend of Castor, Magnesium (Chloride) Oil. DMSO, mixed with EMU/Hyaluronic Acid w/ Ultrasonic soundwave or Cold Laser application.

$60 (1 joints, such as wrist, elbows, knee, hip, etc.)

2nd Joint $15
Cold Laser only $25

Transdermal Hydro-Thermal Therapy $75

Alternating cold with hot fomentations which can alter and increase blood circulation, enhance the immune system, doubling white blood cells, transportation of nutritional support, and improving digestion. Putting the body in a mild fevered stated, can kill bacteria, germs and viruses allowing the body to detox and recover (Effective for any ailment). Full body, is working with the foot (Magnesium/Bicarbonate). Transdermal therapy bath (water is kept at a temperature of 93-95 degrees for maximum absorption). It has been used for everything from muscular injuries to pandemics, with excellent effectiveness and execrated healing.

Full Body - Back or Chest and feet (aprox 45-50 mins)

Transdermal Hot Foot Therapy (45 min) $65

Covering in a sheet and blanket soaking in a bath of increasing hot water to the feet area, allowing the body to heat up to a mild fevered state. It allows the body to detoxify, with the use of Magnesium Sulfate (Epson salt) and Sodium Bicarbonate, which facilitates the removal of hydrogen ions from the blood and muscle tissues to help restore a proper metabolic pH balance. Mineral foot baths are rotated as clients progress. Such as (Mineral salts, Potassium) (Magnesium Chloride, Sodium Thiosulfate)

Hydro-Throat Therapy - Thyroid Care (Throat wrap – 30 min) $49

Throat therapy wrap allows the blood to consistently circulate in and out of the throat area - hot and cold w/ Niacin B to help expand blood vessels. One of the most effective help for any throat ailments or conditions, such as (inflammation) Earaches and Vertigo.

Muli-Wave Oscillatior (Cell Energy Rejuvenation) $20

An Electro-Magnetic Frequency device (an MWO) that emits a broad spectrum of high frequency energy which resonate with the body's own bio-electric field. The effects have been described as relaxing, healing, restorative, and energizing. The LFA can reduce swelling and pain and speed recovery from all sorts of injuries or illness by enhancing the body's own ability to heal.

Bio-Mat (full body) $20

Bio-mat is full body amethyst crystal enhanced far infrared, negative ion technology. Relax (30 mins)