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Freezed Dried "Lipo Testosterone" HGH boost

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Contains: Proprietary blend: Hydogen Proxide (food grade), Lycine,
Arginine, Proline, NAC, Glutamine, Zinc Gluconate, Zinc Orotate, Schizonepeta (Japanese catnip) Aerial parts. MACA, Cnidium Fruit Extract, Cordyceps (whole plant), Fenugreek, Ginseng Root Extract, LongJack Extract (Tonjkat Ali), Oat Straw Extract, Rhodiola Rosea, Pumpkin Seed extract, Tribulus Terrestris, L-Isoleucine, L-Ornithine a-ketoglutarate OKG, L-Tyrosine, Orotic Acid, and Saw Palmetto.

This extract is derived from the root of Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng C.A. mey), regarded as a natural stimulant. Although it is widely recognized for its ability to temporarily increase focus and energy, Ginseng Root is also used to support sexual health in men and post-menopausal women.

Tonjkat ali:
Longjack is a plant extract that has been used for hundreds of years throughout Asia as a way of boosting overall physical performance by helping increase energy and stamina. Yohimbe is an aphrodisiac for men and women and fights impotence. In a study entitled Yohimbine in the Treatment of Orgasmic Dysfunction, at the Institute of Urology and Nephrology in London, doctors concluded that yohimbine is a useful treatment option for orgasmic dysfunction. In the test 16 of 29 men suffering from orgasmic dysfunction were cured of that issue after taking 20 mg of Yohimbine.ohimbine hcl was administered orally in a dosage of 30 mg a day (two 5 mg tablets three times daily) for eight weeks. Patients were seen for follow-up after four weeks’ treatment, and for a final visit after eight weeks. Efficacy evaluation was based on both subjective and objective criteria. Subjective criteria included improvement in sexual desire, sexual satisfaction, frequency of sexual contacts, and quality of erection (penile rigidity) during sexual contact/intercourse.

Mucuna Pruriens:
Mucuna Pruriens seed extract comes from a bean-like plant used for a number of benefits. Most notably, it is believed to assist with energy and endurance, promote a healthy libido and support the reproductive system. Mucuna Pruriens contains levodopa (l-dopa), a precursor to the "feel good" chemical dopamine.

Oat Straw Extract: Promotes circulatory heatlth, Energy boost, and mood enhancement.

Rhodiola Rosea:
Rhodiola Rosea contains 17 different amino acids that are all necessary in promoting vital bodily functions. Rhodiola Rosea also has a generous helping of flavonoids (important antioxidant molecules), phenylpropanoids, essential oils and tannins.

Tribulus Terrestris: Energy booster,
athletic enhancement. The active ingredient in tribulus terrestris extract is PROTODIOSCIN, which is a natural precursor to the human sex hormone, testosterone. Several universities have done studies linking tribulus supplementation to balanced hormone levels in the body. Studies have shown that tribulus terrestris can boost your circulatory system which will help your body pump important oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. Tribulus may boost production of leutenizing hormone which is a regulator of testosterone, as well as one of many testosterone stimulators. Supplementation with tribulus can help fight impotence, in men and women! Tribulus helps this by balancing the bodies concentration of hormone levels.

Phytotherapy Research, 60 men between the ages of 25 and 52 years with no history of erectile dysfunction were supplemented with either a placebo or 600 milligrams of fenugreek extract per day for six weeks. Through self-evaluation, the participants noted their results with fenugreek, reporting that the supplement had a positive effect on their libidos. Ultimately, the study found that fenugreek extract had a significant influence on sexual arousal, energy and stamina and helped participants maintain normal testosterone levels.

Cnidium monnieri:
is an ancient Chinese herb that is used as a male sex enhancement because of its pro-erectile and Viagra-like properties.Cnidium monnieri's has an active presence of osthole, a main bioactive, that affects spongy tissue and blood vessels in the body thus benefitting erectile function. Osthole is comparable to Sildenafil in Viagra, which is responsible for inspiring dilation of the vessels and muscles in the penis. When these vessels dilate, more blood reaches the spongy tissue of the penis and it erects more efficiently.

Saw Palmetto:
saw palmetto has been shown to slow the production of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. This enzyme converts the male hormone testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) — a sex steroid and androgen hormone. (In short, helps maintain current and new Testosterone levels). While DHT is important because it plays a role in male development, it also contributes to many common health issues in men, such as loss of libido, an enlarged prostate and hair loss. By taking saw palmetto supplements or using the extract of this beneficial plant, you inhibit the production of this hormone and avoid these issues that are seen in middle-aged and older males.

The prostate's mission is to make some of the fluid that protects and nourishes sperm cells in semen, making the semen more liquid. Just behind the prostate are glands called seminal vesicles that make most of the fluid for semen.

cordyceps can be utilized as a natural treatment for infertility and a natural remedy for impotence. Cordyceps contains adenosine, a type of nucleic acid that is a component needed to make ATP (energy for the cell). Cordycep can help the body utilize oxygen more efficiently and imporove blood flow.

Maca contains a variety of amino acids, which are the building blocks of hormones. Research has shown that taking Maca regularly can balance hormones within both men and women. Maca does not contain hormones, but the building blocks from which the body can create them. Because hormones affect various aspects of health, having a balanced and healthy endocrine system can lead to numerous perceived benefits. T
he most well documented traditional use for Maca is for increasing fertility both in humans and animals. Incan farmers used it 1000s of years ago to boost their populations of livestock. Maca in particular has shown to increase sperm count and volume and been shown to balance female hormones and ovulation cycles. These effects may be related to the presence in Maca of active aromatic isothiocyanates.

Hydrogen Peroxide: 35% Food grade coverted to 3% is used. Plendy of research is available on all its benifits by an internet search. Note: Every cell in our body has an organelle called
Peroxisome. Its main function is the production of Hyrogen Peroxide.

Zinc: Link to the formation of Semen. Scroll down 3/4 of the page. There you will find a breakdown of sperm. More sperm, more desire, and pleasure.

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124g Freezed Dried "Lipo Testosterone" HGH boost

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