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Everything You Need To Know
Troy covers everything you need to know to make liposomal vitamins using the homemade process. The liposomal process done right delivers virtually 100% of the nutrition from quality food extracts straight to your cells.

Not Just the Symptoms

Troy breaks down the fundamentals of what causes disease in the body and the natural approach we can take to correct it. Western Medicine won’t give you this kind of information. Probably because you’re doctor doesn’t even know.

Why Distilled Water is Superior
What kind of water should we be drinking, distilled, ionized, bottled or reverse osmosis water? In this episode Troy breaks down the reasons why we should be drinking distilled water and why we must use it in the liposomal process.

An Introduction to Natural Living Radio Network
This episode is an introduction to the Natural Living Radio Network and Troy Hyyppa. Troy shares his journey of understanding how the body works synergistically, how he discovered the lipospheric process and how livingherbalfarmacy.com came about.

Lectue "What is Disease" at Western State Colorado University.

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